index REST API Security

All ressources are protected and can only be accessed via the API if you are authorized.

To access a ressource you must use SSL (HTTPS) and a company certificate (VOCES) or a function certificate (FOCES) from Nets.

Futhermore you must be the owner of the resource and be granted the right to use the api to to access the ressource. Refer to Myndighedsnet for further information on how to request the access rights.

Example requests setup

To execute the 'curl' example requests provided in the documentation, you need to convert your FOCES/VOCES PKCS12 file to PEM format:

openssl pkcs12 -in <filename>.p12 -out <filename>.pem -nodes

'curl' in the example requests also need to know the location of your PEM file:

curl -E <filename>.pem ...

You can test you Certificate using the following url:

curl -E <filename>.pem