REST API Introduction

This is the documentation for the REST API's available for delivering and requesting information to/from

The documentation is intended for developers who wants to write applications that can interact with REST API .

General information REST API follows the gudielines from OIORest.

Read more about the how the OIORest principles is implemented in API and other general principles implemented by the API by following the links below.

API overview

Currently one version (Version 1) of the API exist.

Version 1

Click on the ressource link to get detail information on how to interact with the ressource.

Ressource Description
calendar/1/frister Frister for Mit calendars, authority oriented
dia/1/formularMaster Formular master for DIA
dia/1/formular Kommunale formularer for DIA
dia/2/formular Statslige formularerer for DIA
startvaekst/1/sitecontent/articles articles
startvaekst/1/sitecontent/sitemenu sitemenu
startvaekst/1/sitecontent/stepbysteps stepbysteps
startvaekst/1/contacts/consultants consultants
api/dashboard/1/apps/state Dashboard Apps state
api/dashboard/1/apps/count Dashboard Apps count